3a S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been working in Ict for agriculture for approximately 20 years. The company was created by the integration of the founders’ expertise in meteorology, in agro-management and in IT solutions. It is a recognised member of the ICT cluster in Turin (ICT Pole), which brings together the most innovative companies in the industry. It is participating in several research projects in partnership with universities.

To achieve its strategy, 3a is organised into two integrated areas:
the first one deals with technical assistance in agriculture, focusing its activities within the sphere of integrated farming, identifying agrometeorological information as a fundamental factor in the rational control of pest management and the use of water resources.
The second area of 3a activity provides ICT tools for the food companies. It deals with the design of ERP (enterprise resources planning) solution for the management control of the farms, DSS (decision support system) for farming, and supplying mobile solution, software and devices, for the field force, and IoT technology: weather stations and GPS device for remote machine control.

All the services and platform provided by 3a, are based on a technological infrastructure called Green Planet platform. Infrastructure and solutions are provided as a service modality, in a cloud environment, in order to guarantee flexibility, scalability, elasticity and high availability. The Operating Systems adopted are based on VMware® and Microsoft®.
The Green Planet platform is an infrastructure in which software applications and remote devices, are connected in a unique digital echo-system, specifically designed for agro-food business.