• Low level monitoring of nitrogen oxides (NO-NO2-NOX) from 0.4 ppb to 20 ppm
  • Ultra compact and lightweight – rackable 19″/3U
  • Single chamber chemiluminescence technology
  • Option: external converter module for low level NH3 monitoring (0-1 ppm)
  • Complies with RoHS Directive, with ISO 7996 and EN 14211 : 2005
  • NEW: Built-in serial interface (RS 232 / RS 422), USB & TCP/IP connectivity
  • NEW: on board web server compatible with any internet browser. es@cloud™ user interface with on-line help for the display, configuration, maintenance, diagnostics or software updating of the analyser, remotely, from any PC, tablet or iPhoneTM.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NO, NOx, NO2) monitoring in ambient air
  • Nitrogen oxides indoor monitoring
  • NO2 measurement in medical gases
  • Continuous nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission monitoring (CEM) by dilution extraction

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