From the pioneers in FTIR CEMS

ACF5000 is a multi-component analyzer system to accurately monitor the composition of exhaust gases.
– A complete turnkey CEM system
− Approved performance
− With low cost of operation


ABB’s new ACF5000 is the specialist for emission and process monitoring from the pioneers in FTIR CEMS. It is available in the 4th generation. Since introduction in 1993, ABB has sold more than 2000 units. The standard system design combines the advantages of a FTIR spectrometer, flame ionization (FID) technology and oxygen measurement. The high resolution FTIR spectrometer provides selective measurement of infrared active gas molecules with high sensitivity and stability. It simultaneously measures up to 15 components including all relevant pollutants.

The multi-component analyzer system ACF5000 offers:

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 15 gas components
  • Proven hot/wet extractive measurement
  • Powerful FTIR technology for TOC
  • Complete system with a compact and modular design
    − Internal references − allow on-going system validation
    − Lowest detection limits − suitable to monitor smallest emission limit values
  • One single sample inlet for all sample gases with a unique air-driven aspirator pump
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Communication, control and maintenance via PROFIBUS, Modbus, TCP and Ethernet (OPC)