BOSCHUNG is a worldwide leader for the development and manufacturing of vehicles and equipment in the fields of surface cleaning and maintenance for airports, highways and roads as well as for cities and municipalities.

The Swiss Boschung Group has a rich history of almost 70 years of activity and became a ‘Global Player’ thanks to its continuous expansion. Today branch offices can be found in Germany, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, China, Russia and the United States.

Our worldwide sales organization with partners, distributors and dealers are our commitment for a close and optimized relationship with our customers.

BOSCHUNG MECATRONIC specializes in ice early detection systems for roads, highways and municipalities, fixed automated thawing agent spray technology, road and runway management software, ITS and control units.

The BOSCHUNG AIRPORT DIVISION (BAD) operates world-wide in the field of planning and supporting activities for airport projects. Customized concepts for any customer needs are our specialty; furthermore we do provide the adequate vehicles and technology in favour of our Surface Condition Management (SCM) – all from one single source!

Swiss Engineered

Decade-long experience in the fields of research and development of technologically high sophisticated vehicles and equipment allows us to offer customer-based solutions to satisfy any requirement.


Long-time partnerships and customer relations enables us to foresee and realize new customer requirements. The observation of market trends and the evolution of new technologies and the implementation of future-orientated ideas are part of our strategy, as well as to further develop and improve existing products.


Eco-friendly products are a top priority of BOSCHUNG. The implementation of the newest technologies and a far-sighted, environmentally conscious vision for the purchase and processing of components are part of our standards.