DEGREANE HORIZON, the spirit of completion. 

DEGREANE HORIZON came about by the transformation of the Electronics Department of Ets DEGREANE, founded in 1926, into an individual incorporatd company whose single stockholder is the VINCI Group.

DEGREANE HORIZON is in 3 sectors connected to ELECTRONICS :

  • DEFENSE since 1960
  • ENERGY since 1973

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, DH has been a global leader in the fields of environmental measurement and engineering.

Several jobs to be found in our company :

  • Everything linked to aeronautical meteorology and to acquisition networks used by meteorological services throughout the world,
  • acquisition and  transmission of sensitive data : conception and making of aeronaval buoys, very low frequency operational sonar emitters, underwater listening polygons, and the development and Maintenance in Operational Conditions of surveillance radar,
  • transmission of warning signals which use several communication networks : telephone, radio and internet : alarm systems and the protection of telecommunication facilities against a surge in voltage.,

Whatever your field of activity, DEGREANE HORIZON puts all its know-how at your disposal so as to meet YOUR own specific need.

Our vocation : putting our customers first

1927 :Mr. DEGREANE founded the DEGREANE Company
1960 :The company started working in electronics and for Defense
1973 :The company started working in energy
1984 :The company started working in meteorology
1987 :The opening up of the export market
1997 :Certification of ISO 9001 updated in 2000 and 2003
2002 :DEGREANE HORIZON became an incorporated company subsidiary of the Vinci Group
2003 :Purchase of a new site and the building of new premises in Cuers near Toulon
2004 :DEGREANE HORIZON moved to its new premises
2007 :Enlargement of the premises to totalize a surface area of 2800 m2