Esterline Pressure Sensors

SOI Piezoresistive Technology

  • Absolute, differential, relative or multi-pressure measurements
  • 0.15 to 600bar
  • -55°C to 160°C
  • Accuracy from 0.2% FS, drift <0.05% FS/yr
  • Voltage, current and digital outputs available
  • EMI/lightning protection capabilities

Vibrating Cylinder Pressure Sensors

  • ‘Best in world’ for accuracy and drift
  • Pressure ranges from:
  • 130kPa (1.3bar) to 5MPa (50bar) FS
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Accuracy class: 0.01%FS
  • Long term drift: <0.005%FS/year typical
  • <1ms pressure response time
  • 3 x FS over-pressure without affecting calibration
  • Typical applications:
  • Air Data (ADCs), Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) & Engine Controls (FADEC)
  • Highly suitable for RVSM air data systems: ±15ft max at 41,000ft

SOI Piezoresistive Technology

  • The 7825 avionics liquid density transducer is a small, light and highly accurate in tank unit, which will provide a continuous measurement of aviation fuel density
  • Uses the flight proven Vibrating Cylinder
  • Standard on most wide-body aircraft:
    • -Boeing: B747/B757/B767/B777/B787
    • -Airbus: A330/A340
  • Measures fuel in the density range 600 to 900 kg/m³ and -55 to 60°C
  • Better than 0.4% accuracy including all pressure and temperature effects
  • Measurement drift is better than0.01% per year