All Weather Precipitation Gauge

The FTS All Weather Precipitation Gauge measures all types of precipitation within a wide temperature range. It is designed to withstand harsh wind and snow conditions without sacrificing sensitivity and accuracy. The AWP Gauge boasts a combination of simple mechanical construction and sophisticated firmware, guaranteeing superior performance.

The AWP Gauge is available with an orifice area of 200cm2 (1500mm capacity) or 400cm2(750mm capacity), with either a 1m or 1.5m Pedestal and matching Wind Shield.

Key Features:

  • Measurements of solid and liquid precipitation with one-minute rain intensity, total sum of precipitation and rain duration
  • Elimination of wind vibration, particles, false weight changes, evaporation and temperature fluctuation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Evaluation and accuracy check “in situ”
  • Bucket capacity alert function
  • Orifice heating optional
  • Output: contact, RS-485, SDI-12
  • Pedestal in 1m or 1.5m (3.3 or 4.9ft) and matching Wind Shield available