Established in 1974GEONICA,S.A. is leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-low-power Dataloggers, Remote Automatic Data Acquisition & Transmission Stations and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). 
Around our very advanced automatic remote stations Model METEODATA / HYDRODATA-2000C/3000CSeries, and Tauro-2000/3000 RTUs Series, GEONICA also offers complete and reliable solutions, Systems and Networks, for application in:

Meteorology, Agro-Meteorology
Coastal Oceanics
Ports and Harbours
Road Traffic Safety
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Scientific Applications
Measurement and Industrial Control,
Wind and Solar Energy assessment
remote monitoring of Photovoltaic Plants

A complete line of sensors are integrated with our remote units for the measurement of almost any physical, industrial or environmental parameter.

Telemetry and communications between the remote stations and one or more Central Stations (Pocket, Desktop, Laptop PCs , Local Area Networks, etc.) located anywhere, is managed by our Windows based GEONICA SUITE software package, which includes intuitive and easy to use applications for communications with the remote stations and for data reception and storage in a Microsoft Access or SQL database. Remote programming of the field stations and a full graphic and statistical analysis of all parameters, are also standard features.

Telecommunications options for real-time data , alarm and still images transmission via LOS radio-links , Internet (Web Posting), cellular GSM/GPRS/CDMA networks, telephone lines, optical fiber links or satellite , are part of the communications alternatives available.