Leosphere, founded in 2004, and its subsidiary Avent Lidar Technology are world leaders in ground-based and turbine-mounted Lidars (Light Detection And Ranging) for atmospheric observation. The companies design, develop, manufacture, sell and service new turnkey remote-sensing instruments allowing wind measurement and aerosol characterization.


Leosphere has deployed several hundreds of Lidars throughout the world in severe environments with the same concern of reliability, accuracy, return on investment, and dedication to atmospheric hazards control. Company also provides tests, delivery, training, warranty, maintenance of all equipment and customer’s assistance.

Avent Lidar Technology develops, manufactures and sells wind turbine-mounted Lidars. Its mission is to help the wind industry use high-potential Lidar technology to extend the reliability and optimize the performance of wind turbines and wind farms.

More than 1 000 Lidars installed in more than 50 countries


  • 120 people
  • 10% R&D Expenses
  • Corporate independency: owned by founders & managers
  • Worldwide network of service providers
  • 22 M€ revenue in 2016


Our mission is to design the innovations allowing to harness the atmosphere and guard against its hazards by providing reliable and accurate diagnostic, management and decision support solutions.

Right from the start, Leosphere has developed, produced and commercialized remote wind and aerosol measurement instruments using Lidar technology, as well as associated software for real-time collection and delivery of atmospheric data observed.

With the help of our scientific staff and technical experts, Leosphere is constantly seeking new innovations in order to harvest the bankable wind and atmospheric data.


Our customers are as well national weather services/agencies, climate research institutes, universities than wind developers, wind turbine manufacturers, utilities, consultants, aviation authorities aiport meteorological offices, air quality agencies, mining industry players and oil & gas service providers from all over the world. Leophere and Avent Lidar Technology (in Wind Power) offer the widest Lidar range in the industry.


Leosphere group has been supplying Lidars to the key players of the industry, in every market segments :

  • Wind Power
  • Aviation Weather
  • Weather & Climate
  • Air Quality and Industrial Risk