MPS Snow Depth Sensor SwS-3

Snow sensor SWS

Main features

  • Measurement of snow depth, water level, distance
  • Elimination of wind, audible sounds, unreal step change of snow depth, temperature, inclined snow surface
  • Output signals: optically isolated serial RS485, analog output 0..1V
  • Easy maintenance
  • Industrial design
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide-range voltage supply
  • Heating for icing elimination included


Measuring element crystal transducter Ø36mm
Distance measuring range 0.4m..5m
Resolution 1cm
Accuracy ±2cm
Electrical & Interface
Power supply 8..30VDC
Power consumption max. 70mA
Heating 8..15VAC/DC
Heating current max. 1A
RS485 optically isolated, 9600bps
Analog output 0..1V~0..100% of range
Dimensions Ø100×95mm
Weight 0.7kg
Operating temperature range -40..+70°C
Operating humidity range 0..100%
Degree of protection IP65