PULSONIC is manufacturer of Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Automatic Rain Gauge Station (ARG) and meteorological instrumentsfor more than 30 years. PULSONIC’s products are designed to operate under various climate conditions which explains why growing number of meteorological agencies are using PULSONIC’s equipment worldwide (Africa, Asia, Europe and America) and on many islands (Indian ocean, Caribbean Sea…). Everyday PULSONIC’s Research and Development department designs products (sensors, data-logger, software,…) to provide the best solution for each application.

PULSONIC offers complete solutions for various domains of applications such as:

  • National Meteorological Agencies that follows WMO recommendations
  • Meteorological Instruments for airports with ICAO standards
  • Climate Early Warning System (EWS)
  • Research centers
  • Agriculture / Viticulture / Forestry / Crops insurance
  • Airports / Roads / Harbors