Product Overview:

ZWQ-COD1 COD Sensor can be used to detect the Chemical Oxygen Demand value of water quality. It can be used in harsh environment and the monitoring data is stable and reliable.

Product Features:

  • Corrosion resistant shell; NPT3/4 upper thread interface, easy to install.
  • It has self-cleaning function to remove the interference of attachments on optical lenses.
  • Double-beam measurement technology to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement.
  • Long-life infrared LED light source with a decay period of 5 years and a life of more than 10 years.
  • It has the function of calibration record storage, plug and play, and no calibration is needed for the first use.
  • Sensor supports hot swap function.


Measuring PrincipleUltraviolet Absorption
Measure Range0~500mg/L;0~500NTU
Measure Resolution0.01mg/L;0.01NTU
Measure Accuracy±7%
InterfaceRS485(Modbus RTU)
Material316L Stainless Steel Shell
Electrode Cable3m
Electrode DimensionD32mm L190mm